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Scalable Low-Cost Lung Ventilator


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The Project

The purpose of this project is the development and the production of an innovative assisted ventilation device, aimed at tackling the COVID-19 health emergency spreading across the world in these weeks. Our project is entirely developed following an open-source philosophy. We will therefore release the full documentation regarding both the hardware and the software components of the project on our website

Open Breath lung ventilator aims at being easily manipulated by a specialized operator, in order to minimize the training time required for medical personnel. A minimalist yet efficient user interface will provide all the technical and security vital indicators relative to the hospitalized patients.

The assisted ventilation device we are developing aims at satisfying two main requirements: constructive speed and simplicity of its components. For this reason, Open Breath lung ventilator exhibits an innovative design, conceived to be quickly built with “off-the-shelf” and low-cost hardware components. The local italian industrial network is fundamental in backing us for the quick realization and distribution of our ventilator.


We are developing an interconnected device, which will be able to provide additional clinical data regarding the patients, such as the blood oxygenation level and the heartbeat rate. Furthermore, OpenBreath’s device will be able to send live alerts and updates regarding the patients’ vitals, directly to the medical personnel. This will lessen the exposure of health workers to contagion and help contribute to the reduction of the doctor/patient rate in this context of severe scarcity of human resources.

The project aims at complying fully with the biomedical industry standards. However, because of the immediate need caused by the emergency, it is probably not feasible to fulfill the certification of the device before its full release. Nonetheless, the project aims at complying with the CE normative, satisfying the BS EN 81601-12 standard, which regulates the fabrication of assisted ventilation devices. 

Beside monitoring the patients’ vitals, Open Breath project aims at gathering and storing patients data, through processes of strong pseudonomyficaton that ensure complete anonymity. The collected data will be used for data science purposes only and, thanks to Artificial Intelligence algorithms, will provide insights about the clinical course of the hospitalized population. These findings might allow scientists and doctors to understand the COVID-19 phenomenon more thoroughly and, hopefully, develop quicker and more effective countermeasures.


Open Breath project aims at fighting the health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, the project is, and always will, essentially open source. The project material, in its entirety, will be fully released through our website and scientific collaboration platforms, such as GitHub.


Contact us, we will be pleased to speak with you about the certification process and the compliance to European and international regulations.


Open Breath is currently looking for all forms of support, in order to get over the clinical, productive and bureaucratic hindrances that might obstacle the development of our device. For this reason we are looking for the collaboration of outstanding companies and individuals, in order to reach the production and commercialization phase of our product as soon as possible. If you are willing to join us in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, please contact us. We will be more than happy to count on your help!


Contact us, your feedback will be fundamental for the development of our ventilator.

Our Team


Our team is composed of young professionals from the mechanical automation sector, with several years of experience in disciplines such as automotive, textile and precision components manufacture. Our mission is that of helping society by making available our specific competencies to help the italian and international healthcare system to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. United we will win.


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